Timothy Keller and Pinebrook Bible Conference


An encounter at Pinebrook Bible Conference changed Timothy Keller’s life forever. In the book Timothy Keller: His Spiritual Life and Formation, Collin Hansen tells the story of Timothy Keller’s visit to Pinebrook Bible Conference in 1973. The Bible Fellowship Church owned Pinebrook Bible Conference at the time. When Timothy Keller went to Pinebrook in 1973 he met Ed Clowney, pastor and professor, who became “the only mentor to go out of his way to help Keller through transitions in his life and ministry. Much of what the world knows best about Keller–especially how he preaches Christ from the Old Testament and his interpretation of the two sons in Luke 15–he first learned from Clowney.”

Take a look at the whole story:

Were you at Pinebrook Bible Conference in 1973? Do you remember Ed Clowney from Pinebrook? Let us know in the comments.

Timothy Keller was the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhatten, New York City. The church grew to over 5,000 people and began the Redeemer City to City organization which produces resources for urban ministry.

Thanks to Ellie Klase, pastor’s wife at Bethany BFC in Hatfield, who found this reference while reading!


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