The Ins and Outs of Baptism at Your Church Plants in 2022


A total of 42 people were baptized at Bible Fellowship Church Church Plants in 2022. Forty-two people stepped forward to publically declare their faith in obedience to Christ! Praise the Lord! Here are the ins and outs of the baptisms:

The Ins

Christ Alone Fellowship in Lancaster City owns their brick church building on Caroline Street. Purchased from another congregation in 2020, Church Planter Juan Carlos Morales and assistant Wayne Cooley were able to hold their baptisms inside in their sanctuary in a portable baptistry. The baptistry was set up over the gray vinyl flooring which was added to the front of the sanctuary to use for evangelistic breakdancing open jam sessions. In December one man was baptized. In May, seven brothers and sisters in Christ shared their testimonies and were baptized.

The Outs

Other church plants held their baptisms outside. Freddy Chi, church planter in Villa Magna, Mexico, baptized ten people from his congregation. Since the Villa Magna church plant facility does not have a baptistry, the baptism took place at Iglesia Biblica La Roca where Pastor Marcos Ramirez serves the Lord. The church in Merida has a large open air facility like a pavilion with a tall, sturdy roof and open air sides. Marcos and Freddy stood in the water together as they invited each of the ten people to share their testimony of faith in Christ before they were immersed. Marcos Ramirez is also the Director of Church Planting in Mexico (BFC).

Redeemer BFC, Topton, PA, also held their baptisms outdoors. They held three separate baptism services for a total of ten brothers and sisters baptized this year. Since Redeemer BFC rents a Grange Hall on Sunday mornings only, they used an inflatable pool for their baptisms at a person’s home. Church Planter Dan Hoffstetter baptized each person after they shared how they had come to trust in Christ as their Savior.

Citylight Bible Church, Allentown City, PA, held their baptism outside as well. Nine people, young and old, were baptized. Some were from the former Allentown Bible Church congregation and others were from the former Lighthouse BFC. This year Citylight Bible Church was born after the two congregations merged together to form one congregation. Church Planters Rick Dobrowolski and Stephen Diaz are now working together to reach Allentown City for Christ.

In August 2022, Church Planter Tim Zuck from Forks Twp, PA, held a baptism pool side. He and the baptismal candidates wore t-shirts which said “all in” and featured a blue figure with a big smile, hands raised, ready to be submerged in baptism. Covenant Bible Fellowship mission church in Naples, FL, also baptized one person in an outside service. The Naples mission church is running out of room in their rented facility so the outside location provided them with more room for the celebratory service.

Continued Growth

The Bible Fellowship Church as a whole has a vision to be an “expanding fellowship of churches, united to make disciples of Christ.” Church Extension is the instrument for carrying out this vision. In a unique way, church planters are focused on reaching the lost in their community. As a result, people are saved and the Holy Spirit empowers brothers and sisters in Christ to publically share their faith in baptism. In 2023, we look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to work through our mission churches.

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