Submission Guidelines

OneVoice Magazine is published four times a year. The magazine exists to connect, inform, and promote the interests of the Bible Fellowship Church denomination.

We always welcome articles and photos from attenders of any Bible Fellowship Church.

Articles should be between 300-1,200 words. Any doctrinal or Biblical issues mentioned should be in line with the BFC Articles of Faith and Biblical Principles for Living.

We are always looking for the following types of articles:

Personal Testimony: How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior? What is God doing in your life today? How is the ministry of your Bible Fellowship Church impacting your life? The personal testimony could also be an interview of what God is doing in the life of a fellow church attender. Please include high resolution photos, if possible.

Biblical, Doctrinal, or Theological Issues: What does the Bible have to say about a particular doctrinal or theological issue? Have you been teaching on a book of the Bible at church? What truths have you noticed in that book?

Biblical Response to Hot Button Issues: What does the Bible have to say about the topic of the latest news story? Has God changed your heart or mind in regards to a hot button issue? Articles that promote any specific political party will not be accepted. OneVoice seeks to unify our church body and not divide. 

Church News: How is a group or program in your BFC impacting your faith community or community at large? How has God been working in and through your local BFC? Do you have a personal interest story? Please include high resolution photos, sent as an attachment, if possible.

Devotionals: Choose one portion of Scripture. Focus on one truth from the passage. What action step should readers take as a result of this Scripture? We are always looking for holiday themed devotionals as well. Easter for Spring issue and Thanksgiving/Christmas for Winter issue.

All articles should be emailed as an attachment to editor Pastor Ralph Ritter at You may email the article completed or pitch an idea for an article. Submission does not guarantee publication. Your articles will be considered for publication for the print and/or online version of OneVoice Magazine.

Art and Photography Submissions

We are also interested in having your photographs, drawings, cartoons, and pictures of other artwork. We are especially interested in high-resolution photos of your Bible Fellowship Church building or a group of people from your Bible Fellowship Church. Your artwork should connect, inform, or promote the interests of the Bible Fellowship Church denomination.

The deadlines for the issues are as follows:

Spring Issue     January 15, 2023

Summer Issue  March 15, 2023

Fall Issue         June 15, 2023

Winter Issue    September 15, 2023

Along with your submission please provide a high-resolution photo of yourself as an attachment along with a one or two line biography. Please also mention which BFC you attend.