Redeemer BFC is Chartered

Redeemer establishes a BFC presence in Lower Providence Township, PA as a particular church

The Committed Participants of Redeemer Bible Fellowship Church, receiving their charter

The Chartering Service for the newly received Redeemer Bible Fellowship Church, Audubon, PA, took place Sunday, May 2, 2021 at the Redeemer meeting place at the Audubon YMCA.

Pastor Scott Wright

The Executive Director of the BFC, Dave Allen, presented the Charter, and the Committed Participants of the Church came forward to sign the charter. BFC Pastors and friends attended the Chartering Service while Pastor Scott Wright shared on the Church’s journey, and the elders each shared. Church Extension was represented by Dick Taylor.

David Quinley, Elder at Redeemer BFC
Roger Eastman
Mark Orton, Pastor of Graterford BFC

We are all blessed when we see a new church chartered and move forward to reach people with the Gospel and expand his Kingdom. Praise God!

Other BFCers witnessed the event

You can still view the service here.


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