Pooper Scooper: a Precious God Moment


I am a senior citizen who lives in a retirement community. It is a continued care facility having four levels of care: independent, assisted care, nursing care, and a mental care unit. We are allowed to have a pet – if you are able to care for it and clean up after it.

One morning after having my time with the Lord, I asked the Lord, “Make me a blessing to someone today.” At noon I went to the main building for lunch. As I walked home, I came upon a lady in an electric wheelchair with her service dog and her lap full of large boxes. As she came up to the sidewalk her dog saw a grassy area and “squatted.” As I approached her, she said to me “I’m so sorry. I’ll have to come back for that; I can’t take care of it now.” I pulled out my roll of doggy bags and said, “I too have a dog, you go on. I’ll take care of it.” She thanked me and continued on.

After I took care of it, I started home about a block away. I started giggling, then outright laughter followed. “Lord, you have such a sense of humor.” I laughed all the way home. Then told the Lord “anytime, for you Lord, anytime.” I told at least ten friends about it the next few days and we all laughed again. Everyday since, I’ve thought about. God knew about it, even had me pray about it. I stand in awe at the Love of God. He loves me; He loves her. And, He was showing His love for her through me!! Amazing Love!

written by a OneVoice Magazine reader

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