Me vs. GOD

Image by geralt | Pixabay

Oh Lord,

I am fleeting, but You are eternal.

I am minuscule, but You are immense.

I am weak, but You are all-powerful.

I am limited, but You are infinite.

I am simple-minded, but You are beyond comprehension.

I deserve death, but You are the source of eternal life.

I am sinful, but You are “majestic in holiness.”

I am selfish, but you are selfless.

I am impatient, but You are long-suffering.

I am irritable, but You are gracious.

I am stubborn, but You are always right.

I am anxious, but You live in perfect peace.

I grow tired and weary, but You are the Rock and the Refuge.

I am inept, but You do far above all I ask or think.

I am forgetful, but You remember Your promises to every generation.

I am inconsistent, but You are the same “yesterday, today, and forever.”

I neglect time with You, but You are never too busy for me.

I drift from Your side, but You continually pursue me.

I am fickle in faith, but You are the “founder and perfecter” of it.

I lean on my own understanding, but You are the source of all wisdom.

I attempt to advise You, but You already know what is best.

I try to control life’s circumstances,

but You are sovereign over everything.

I rely on my own strength, but You are where strength is derived.

I am dependent on You for my every breath,

but You are the All- Sufficient One.

I am the creation, but You are the Mighty Creator.

I am Your servant, but You the King of Kings.

I am dust, but You are the Most High God.

Master, Help me to remember my place before You.

Sarah Reed Brandt is a member of Lebanon BFC, a poet, a prayer warrior, and a pastor’s wife. Find more of her poetic prayers and reflections at her website, The Prayer Blog.


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