Jesus Wept: a Precious God Moment


The Adult Sunday School class was an inductive study in Acts – dated concept, but it works. Somehow the raising of Dorcas in chapter 9 led to a discussion of the common features of New Testament resurrections.

Soon, they came round to the raising of Lazarus; and why did Jesus weep anyway?

“Normal” answers the group had heard from the pulpit were pulled from their memories and presented. The Holy Spirit led them to no comfortable consensus – even though each answer had merit. The group was in deep thought mode. Then one man, not patterned by the same instructional past, spoke.

“Pastor”, he said, “do you think that what made Jesus weep was what He knew.” Everyone listened as he continued. “I mean, Jesus knew the place where Lazarus had gone, the same place where He longed to go, a place with the Father. Maybe, He wept that He had to, in obedience to the Father, call His dear friend back to this messed-up world.”

There was not a dry eye in the room.

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