I’m Home Now! Celebration of Life Poem


I’m in my eternal home now! It’s all true! This place is absolutely magnificent. Human words cannot explain it. And I’m so alive, so free, so happy, so perfectly content.

I’m home now! My mind is clear, all pain is gone, my hopes and dreams have all been satisfied the moment I left earth’s shores and landed here.

Thank God—I’m home now! There are no misunderstandings in this place! No anger, no harsh words, no hurt feelings, no selfish acts, no problems on my part or that of others. I see plainly here and although God’s will was sometimes hard for me to see on earth, here it is beautifully perceived.

Praise the Lord—I’m home now! Sorrow is foreign to this place and I have yet to see anyone weeping. And the friends that I’ve met, you wouldn’t believe. And they seem so different and so gracious. I’ll probably spend half of eternity talking to them!

I’m home now! The greatest thrill was to see my Savior—face to face! If I could cry I would, but I’m just consumed with such joy and love that it defies comprehension. Mortals on earth cannot know it. It is just unexplainable!

I’m home now! I’m filled with God’s glory and with His radiance. I’ve found that talking to people on earth about Jesus has made the inhabitants of this place extremely delighted. They said that I would meet some of those I brought to the Savior later on. That gave me rapture because I now know what this abode is like.

So I’m home now! If I could speak from this side to your side I would say that the old adage is never out of date. It goes, “Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” And in parting let me say, don’t ever pity me, or shed bitter tears, I’m better off now than in all my earthly years. I’ve started my new life and it’s been worth it all. I trust I’ll meet you again here. Maranatha! I’m home…now! I’m Home!

Note: This poem was written by Rev. Russell T. Allen for a funeral service he was leading. Little did he know that three weeks after he penned this poem, he would be home with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A tragic car accident cut his life short in October 1979. According to his obituary, he attended Muhlenberg College on a football scholarship, but when he became born-again he came to realization that nothing in life really counted except for doing the Lord’s work. Pictured here is Rev. Russell T. Allen, wife Dorith, and children Cheryl, Cherene, Dan, and David. Photo taken in 1967 at the parsonage at Bethany Bible Fellowship Church in Hatfield, PA.

Sky photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash


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