Clyde W. Snyder: One of a Kind Elder


Early on Sunday morning, October 9, the Lord called Clyde Snyder from his earthly life into His presence, leaving a legacy that will live on in his family and all who knew him. For his entire life, Clyde had the privilege of being part of the BFC. For fifteen years, he was employed by Pinebrook Junior College as art teacher and member of the development staff.

The Snyder family had the privilege of singing together at Clyde’s Celebration of Life Service, which was lived-streamed by Grace BFC, Harrisburg, PA. BFC retired pastor Thomas Shorb was one of the speakers for Clyde’s memorial service, October 28 at Grace BFC. His presentation based on Ephesians 4:11-16, was titled, “God’s Man in the Church.” What follows is a condensation of this message:

Thoughts from Pastor Shorb

God’s man in the church pursues Christ-like character and conduct (Eph. 4:13). We are often prone to rationalize and excuse our sins and shortcomings. But by God’s grace and the work of the Holy Spirit, Clyde demonstrated a credible likeness to Jesus Christ. While he did not live the Christian life perfectly, he trusted in the righteousness of Christ as his standing before God. He took seriously the challenge to develop Christ-like character and conduct, and he modeled Christ to the blessing and benefit of many.

God’s man in the church utilizes his God-given spiritual gifts in ministry (Eph. 4:11, 12). Submission to Christ and the loving and faithful exercise of a believer’s spiritual gifts, result in proper function and unity of the Church. Selfish, sinful attitudes along with rivalry, dissension and tension among those who lead and serve, result in confusion, sinful attitudes and behavior.

Among Clyde’s spiritual gifts were teaching and leadership. For many years, Clyde served as an elder in the Pennsylvania BFC congregations in Hatfield, Coopersburg and Harrisburg. I observed Clyde to be a skilled teacher and a capable leader who served diligently, faithfully, selflessly and cheerfully. He sought to fervently uphold truth and demonstrate love as he shepherded congregational members.

God’s man in the church serves diligently to strengthen and expand Christ’s church (Eph. 4:15, 16). When the church exhibits what God has designed it to be, there will be people around us who desire to be part of what we share. Clyde was not only concerned about the welfare of the local churches in which he served, but he was passionate for the health and expansion of the BFC as a group of local churches. This was evident in his many years of serving as a local church delegate to the BFC Conference.

Additionally, his concern for the expansion of the BFC was demonstrate by his extensive years of service on several denominational boards, including nearly forty-five years as a member of the Board of Church Extension. He was an ardent supporter of the efforts to plant new churches. Most recently he became an impetus for the plant of Living Bible Fellowship Church, the first BFC church-plant in Adams County, PA.

Concluding thought from Carol Snyder

I certainly miss my dear life-long friend!! I had never known a day in my life without Clyde Snyder being part of it!! My comfort at this point is knowing that he is “with the Lord.” Evenings are especially difficult, and – strangely – church attendance. That always had such a routine to it – we always sat on the second row, and we enjoyed singing together and thinking together, too. I am very grateful for my dear family.


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