Confessions of a Weaker Brother

Over the years I’ve seen my share of potentially divisive issues in the church. Perhaps because I grew up in a more...

What Churches Know Now about Using Technology Tools

Our churches used a variety of technology tools during the stay at home order. Here is what we have learned about technology in the life of the church.

More Than Doughnuts:

The Fellowship of Believers Fellowship It’s part of who we are. Important enough that...

What can I do about Racial Justice?

After George Floyd was killed by a white police officer, a fresh wave of outrage over race relations washed over the...


Our first encounter with the Messick family was when they stayed in our home during furlough over two years ago. After traveling...

Breaking News – Believing Prayer

The cords of death encompassed me ... In my distress I called upon the LORD ...  Then the earth reeled and rocked ......

What to Expect: Topton and the Five Stages of Development of a Church Plant

When I was newly pregnant with my first child, I was overjoyed yet overwhelmed with the unknown. I wanted to understand each...

Not Just Challenge – Opportunity!

It was about 1 am Saturday morning when it struck me: “This is not just a challenge, it is an opportunity, an opportunity to lead!”

The Pathway to Missions: One Family’s Journey

When it comes to taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth, “Getting there” has always been one of the challenges....

To Chad For the Sake of Christ

I first heard of the Chad Project when Pastor John LoRusso, former BFC envoy to Tanzania, called to tell me that a...