An Historic, Different, and Important Night, Part III

Part 3 of 3

Ordination service at Cedar Crest BFC

At the 2020 one-day Fall BFC Conference, twelve men were approved for ordination to the ministry in the Bible Fellowship Church. A special ordination service on April 27, 2021, was held at Cedar Crest BFC, Allentown, PA, for those who wanted to participate rather than wait until the 2021 BFC Conference in October. Historic, because as far as anyone can remember, it was the largest ordination service ever held by the BFC. Ten men were ordained or had their prior ordinations recognized. Different? Well, it was the first ordination to be attended both in person and live online.

The following are the testimonies of these newly ordained men. Remember to read with prayer for their service to God’s church and for their families.

Jesse Benack, Senior Pastor

Paradise BFC, Paradise, PA

Laura and Jesse Benack with children Noah, Micah, Penelope, Evangeline and Daniel.

Growing up as a pastor’s son in the coal region in Pennsylvania, I came to place my faith in Jesus as a young child. I was so young, I’m not even sure how old I was. I was very shy and my worst fear in life was public speaking. The Lord directed me unexpectedly to Bible college where I received a BS in Bible from Philadelphia Biblical University.

During completion of my MDiv from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA, I met my wife Laura. After marrying in 2005, I was called to pastor Calvary Chapel Evangelical Free Church, Valley View, PA. By serving in the pulpit, God gave me a true joy and desire to study, teach, and preach His Word to His people.

During my twelve year service at that church, I completed a DMin from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY. We had five energetic children: Noah (13), Daniel (11), Evangeline (9), Micah (7), and Penelope (5). I have a passion to preach and teach God’s Word. I am especially driven to help God’s people understand how the gospel of Jesus applies to the believer’s daily life and to show how all of the Bible points us to Jesus.

Daniel Krall, Assistant Pastor

Ephrata BFC, Ephrata, PA

Daniel and Lynnea Krall with children Lewis, Miriam, and Natalie.

I have been blessed to grow up in a Christian home and from an early age to be raised around the things of the Lord. During my childhood my family participated in two church plants in Lebanon City, PA. Later on, we participated in Calvary Chapel, Lebanon, where I developed a taste for verse-by-verse exposition of God’s Word.

Looking back over the years, I see countless examples of the way that God has continually been drawing me to Himself. I remember sitting in Sunday School as the teacher explained that I was a sinner, needed a Savior, and that Jesus Christ was the only way for me to be saved. I responded to the gospel message and was baptized later that year.

As a teenager, I drifted in many ways from my original profession. My desires were for the things of this world, especially success and notoriety. This drove a lot of my thinking and was an idol in my heart. I struggled immensely with assurance of salvation, God being gracious for me, and trusting God with unknowns in my life. Discipleship and studying theology had never been priorities in my Christian experience. I was without anchor in the storms of life.

This all changed when at 22 I heard John Piper speak at a Passion Conference. I was immediately taken with the way this man spoke about God, the Bible, His sovereignty and especially His grace. I began watching videos, reading articles and books, all the while feeling like another world was being opened up to me. My entire life began to change as I mined Scripture for the deep theological treasures that it contained.

Throughout my adult life, I have had many friends, family, and ministry leaders encourage me to consider if I was called to ministry. I always rebuffed them, I simply thought that was for someone else! However, as my passion for God’s Word grew, so did my passion for God’s people. I began to love teaching God’s Word more and more. Finally, during a leadership class, I came to the realization that I was called to ministry and that this was something I wanted to pursue with all my heart. I received my bachelor’s degree from Lancaster Bible College and upon reading the Articles of Faith, I knew I found a home in the Bible Fellowship Church. It has been a privilege to serve alongside Jason Hoy at Ephrata BFC and I look forward to all that the Lord has for me in this season of ministry and beyond.

In my walk and ministry, I am blessed with my wife, Lynnea, and our three dear children: Miriam, Natalie and Lewis.

Daniel King, Pastor of Youth & Family Ministry

BFC of Newark, Newark, DE

Christine and Daniel King

Dan grew up in Delaware County, PA, where he was raised by loving, Christian parents. He became a believer in Christ at an early age and was strongly influenced by mentors and youth leaders during his teen years. After high school, Dan enrolled in the Pastoral Studies program at Lancaster Bible College, graduating in December. 2002. During that time he became involved in youth ministry, working for several churches. In October of 2003, he joined First Baptist Church, Collingdale, PA, serving as the youth director and, later, as the Assistant Pastor. While there he earned his MDiv from Philadelphia Biblical University. Dan joined the pastoral staff of BFC of Newark in January, 2017. He currently serves as Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry. Dan made one of the best decisions of his life when he married his wife, Christine, in June, 2004.


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